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Zalderdash font

Zalderdash font (Typodermic) for Windows and Macintosh. You can buy and download the font online. Click on the sample picture to see detailed information about the font.

Zalderdash font

Zalderdash Regular

Zalderdash Regular font detailed sample buy the font Fonts for download: Zalderdash Regular

About Zalderdash

Now, dont get all bowed up when yer next projects needin a font thats all cattywampus and walking on a slant.

When ya gets a hankering for a heap o characters with a bucketload of sass, I hear tell Zalderdash may be just up yer creek.

This slab serif font sends a purdy howdo to Clarendon but I reckon its sprightlier than a chicken arunnin from the axeman at dinnertime.

Zalderdash is one frollicksome fella.

Give him a holler and, sure as shootin, hell show up every time.

Whee doggies! Zalderdash has full a full upper and lower case, lining numerals, accents and punctuation.

Theres a buggy load of automatic ligatures, old style numerals and even numeric ligatures available only in the OpenType version under OpenType-friendly applications.

Zalderdash would look fit as a fiddle on your new book cover, product label, event posters, signage, headline and CD artwork.

Heck, its just so darn fun and versatile who knows where Zalderdash is gonna turn up?