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Linotype Element font

Linotype Element font (Linotype Originals) for Windows and Macintosh. You can buy and download the font online. Click on the sample picture to see detailed information about the font.

Linotype Element font

Linotype Element Regular

Linotype Element Regular font detailed sample buy the font Fonts for download: Linotype Element Regular

About Linotype Element

Linotype Element, from designer Jan Tomás, is part of the Take Type Library, chosen from the entries of the Linotype-sponsored International Digital Type Design Contest 1999 for inclusion on the Take Type 3 CD.

Like the font Linotype Alphabat from the same designer, the overall picture of Linotype Element can lead to initial confusion.

The heavy forms look like someone set two typefaces over one another.

Linotype Element is best for very short text, especially for headlines in large point sizes, which highlight the details of the figures.