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ITC Zipper font

ITC Zipper font (ITC Library) for Windows and Macintosh. You can buy and download the font online. Click on the sample picture to see detailed information about the font.

ITC Zipper font

ITC Zipper Regular

ITC Zipper Regular font detailed sample buy the font Fonts for download: ITC Zipper Regular

About ITC Zipper

Zipper is a striking font designed in 1970 by Phillip Kelly for the Letraset dry transfer sheets and it shows itself as a true child of the 1970s.

The most distinguishing characteristic is the markedly robust horizontal stroke, heavier by far than the verticals.

In a line of text, the figures present a close, stripe-like line, strongly dominated by the horizontal.

Zipper is meant exclusively as a headline font and should be used in larger point sizes to highlight its unique, eye-catching characteristics.