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Engravers font

Engravers font (Linotype Originals) for Windows and Macintosh. You can buy and download the font online. Click on the sample picture to see detailed information about the font.

Engravers font

Engravers Bold Face

Engravers Bold Face font detailed sample buy the font Fonts for download: Engravers Bold Face

About Engravers

In 1899, Robert Wiebking (who worked for a number of foundries in his time) designed an all-caps typeface named Engravers Roman (see Engravers #2).

American Type Founders, Inc.

(ATF) released a heavier variant in 1902, Engravers Bold, designed by Morris Fuller Benton.

Engravers Bold was also released by the Barnhart Brothes & Spinder foundry.Today, Linotype's Engravers brings turn-of-the-century elegance directly to your keyboard.

Use the Engravers typeface on any formal piece -- from table cards, to menus, invitations, or advertising work.Engravers is similar to Copperplate Gothic, Sackers Gothic and Nicolas Cochin.